Physical therapy treatment may involve a combination of hands-on, specific exercise programs and electrotherapeutic modalities. The evidence-based treatment is highly effective in reducing pain, restoring normal movement patterns and maximising functional capacity. 

We are a fully equipped facility that combines advanced technology with highly experienced therapists to provide services including:

  • Gym and rehabilitation programs 
  • Exercise prescription 
  • Hands-on mobilisation and soft tissue therapy
  • Treatment of all muscular injuries, sprains and strains 
  • Taping 
  • Sporting Injuries 
  • Waterproof Fibreglass Casts 
  • Splints 
  • Education and Advice
  • Ultrasound and Interferential Treatment 
  • Acupuncture treatments can be offered in conjunction with physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy involves the process of clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment in order to expedite a patient's recovery from muscular injuries and/or dysfunctions, ligament and tendon damage as well as joint degeneration.
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    Physiotherapy Services

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